Starting Your Business as Told by Other Entrepreneurs


One of the most exhilarating things of the tech age is the freedom to follow any motion of creativity you’d like. You’re a photography buff? Find a niche; whether it be weddings, or fashion, or beauty —there’s a market for you! You’re a foodie? Start posting your eats, and before you know it, you’ll be reviewing for revenue. Got a thing for planning events? This is your time to shine.

Now, more than ever, is finding a platform for your passion accessible. You realize that making money doing something you absolutely adore is completely doable. We get it, it’s totally possible! But, perhaps you have hesitations. We’ve got you. Here are some thoughts on monetizing your passion — we even talked to some by professionals for you.

Make a business plan. When the itch happens, we understand that the feeling won’t go away. However, that said, make sure you’ve got a game plan for the coming months. “Start off part time. We all want to jump into it head first, but don’t know the first thing about running a business. It’s all fine and dandy having a passion and wanting to make that your full time job, but remember “you’re a business owner first and foremost,” says Seth Sanker, Owner and Photographer at Seth and Co. Photography

Finding a community. Something that you may not have thought of prior to deciding on pursuing the creative life is a physical workspace. It’s very easy to feel that dreams can come true with a work-from-home schedule, but the reality of that is that it may get lonely from time. What you can seek is a community of like-minded go-getters, like yourself; self-starters who are also on the pursuit. Anything from consistent networking events, online forums, to even Instagram group chats are excellent platforms on which to connect. 

Discovering your workflow. “Get used to running a business and what that entails and then when you can take off your training wheels, leave your 9-5 and get to grinding. You’re never going to be truly ready. You can do all the math you want and have your entire future planned, but no one is ever truly ready to be 100% uncomfortable,” continues our photography rockstar, of Seth and Co. Photography. “So give yourself a break. The feeling of being prepared won’t happen. You just need to know you’re amazing, and you’re amazing at what you do, and go for it. If you can put 100% of yourself into your passion, the world is yours.”

Is the time right? If you’re hit with a sudden pressure, and become simply overwhelmed, Danielle Bullon, Founder and Event Planner at Blush and Bloom Events, reminds us to breathe and, “be patient. I waited until the right time came. I used that time to set up my business, to get ahead. Work hard and know that it’ll all pay off soon. There were so many moments when I wanted to run back to the corporate world simply out of fear and the unknown. But now I can reflect and truly be grateful of the journey.”

All in all, you’ve got this. We know you do. We just want to make sure you know that, too.