How You Can Save Money to Travel the World

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Traveling leaves us with something new. Whether you’re crossing an ocean or driving to a different state, a fresh environment opens our eyes. Tasting new foods, learning about diverse cultures, and wandering places we’ve never been is almost always worth the price. However, not every destination has to be an extravagant bank-breaking trip. Traveling can mean road-tripping to a nearby state for a change of scenery. It can also mean going to visit a friend in a different place for a few days. Whatever destination you have in mind, saving money to travel allows us to set goals to eventually make traveling dreams a reality. 

Begin by creating a vision board for your trip.

Where do you want your next travels to take you? Find photos of those iconic buildings, wonders of the world, and dreamy cafes you’ve always wanted to visit. Put a photo of your ideal destination somewhere you can see it every day, set it as your phone screensaver or tape it to your bathroom mirror. It’s time to get inspired. 

Briefly create an itinerary.

Are you going to be gone for 3 days or an entire month? Even if you can come up with a rough estimate, this will help you understand how much money you are going to need to save and how long it’s going to take you. Sort out the estimated costs for airfare, hospitality, food, and other expenses along the way. Keep in mind it’s always best to overestimate in case of any emergencies or to have money leftover post-vacay. 

Get saving!

Every time you get paid, transfer money to your savings account. Consider transferring a certain percentage or dollar amount each paycheck. If you don’t have any trips planned or anywhere specific in mind, it’s still nice to always have money in your savings for future travels and opportunities that may arise. Speed up the savings process by starting a side-gig doing something you love to make some extra money. Watching your savings grow is a satisfactory feeling, especially knowing it’s going to be worth it when you buy that plane ticket. 

Consider traveling with others and look for ways to minimize travel costs.

If you’re with a friend or a few, a group of people splitting the price of a place to stay, transportation, and group experiences can make a difference in cost. Instead of spending $60 for a taxi from the airport to your hotel, break down that cost to $20 or $30 by splitting it with friends. The little differences add up in the long run. 

What are you waiting for? Make your dream vacation, weekend trip, or spontaneous adventure a reality. Start saving to see the world.